Age gap marriage

Scientifically, there is no a clear cut definition for what counts as an age gap marriage. Frequently, sociologists talk about a ten-year difference between the partners. In Western cultures, men prefer women that are a few years younger as their partners and similarly, women choose older men.

There is a lot of metaphors that reflect the stereotypes regarding age disparity between the partners, for example, cougars, gold-diggers, and cradle robbers. According to the polls, couples with an age disparity more than ten years are often judged by the society. Age-hypogamy relationships, i.e. the relationships where a woman is older, receive more critisism than age-hypergamy relationships, i.e. the relationships where a man is older.

Every year, the number of age gap marriages increases. It can partially be explained by the increased longevity in general, and as a consequence, higher age heterogeneity among the population. Statistically, there is a positive relationship between the age difference and relationship outcome: the greater the age disparity the higher the probability for a divorce. This pattern is probably due to the decrease in the psychological and sexual satisfaction in one of the partners.